Fisherman's Delight: Our Fish Freezer

Once you’ve reeled in your prized catches, entrust them to our dedicated fish freezer. Our facility is designed to maintain the optimum temperature to preserve the freshness and flavor of your hard-earned treasures. No need to worry about immediate meal plans; your fish will be safely stored until you decide to indulge.
After a day spent at Lake Eucumbene or the nearby Murrumbidgee and Eucumbene Rivers, take advantage of our dedicated fish freezer. Your prized catches are in good hands, ensuring their freshness until you’re ready to savor the fruits of your angling triumphs.

Sizzle and Grill: Gas and Wood BBQs

Immerse yourself in the camaraderie of outdoor cooking with our well-equipped gas and wood BBQs. Share fishing tales, enjoy the serene surroundings, and relish the flavors of freshly caught fish expertly prepared in the heart of nature. At Alpine Tourist Park, we provide more than accommodation; we offer an angler’s haven with the facilities you need for a perfect fishing getaway.

Reel, Grill, and Relax: Fishing Amenities at Alpine Tourist Park