Eucumbene Region: Everything You Need To Know

Explore the unparalleled beauty of THE EUCUMBENE REGION, situated just 80 kms southwest of Canberra. At its heart lies LAKE EUCUMBENE, the largest lake in eastern Australia, celebrated for its renowned trout fishing and its distinction as the inaugural lake crafted for the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electricity Scheme. Nestled just a five-minute drive from the Alpine Tourist Park, this region beckons with natural wonders and captivating landscapes.

The Eucumbene Region Unveiled

The journey to these captivating features is seamlessly facilitated by the SNOWY MOUNTAINS HIGHWAY, a well-maintained asphalt thoroughfare highly esteemed by motorcyclists. Remarkably, these natural wonders are in close proximity to one of Australia’s major cities, ensuring accessibility for everyone to experience the charm and allure of THE EUCUMBENE REGION.
Immerse yourself in the majesty of the MURRUMBIDGEE AND EUCUMBENE RIVERS, two of Australia’s most vital waterways. Delve into the mesmerizing world of geological wonders, from the YARRANGOBILLY CAVES with its inviting Thermal Pool to the intriguing COOLAMON CAVES and the enchanting BLUE WATERHOLES.
Witness the allure of distinctive surface rock formations and the expansive grandeur of the KOSCIUSKO NATIONAL PARK. Traverse rare Alpine landscapes, meander along secluded mountain creeks, and encounter an abundance of native animals and wildflowers. Revel in the breathtaking beauty of stunning sunrises and sunsets while embracing the serenity and tranquility that define this region.

Embark on a Journey of Natural Splendor