Everything You Need To Know About the Town of Adaminaby

Nestled in picturesque surroundings, Adaminaby is a charming town adorned with well-established trees. Originally relocated for the construction of Lake Eucumbene, it now proudly hosts Australia’s renowned ‘Big Trout.’
Participate in the vibrant community spirit through annual events like the Easter Fair, Opening of Trout Season, Snowy Mountains Trout Festival, Adaminaby Race Day, and the Men’s Bowling Club Trout Triple Tournament.

Embrace Community Festivities

Discover the convenience of modern living with 4G mobile coverage, all free-to-air digital TV stations, ADSL2 Plus broadband, and access to clear, pure water from Lake Eucumbene.

Adaminaby boasts community facilities such as ATMs, a spacious community hall with a meeting room, a swimming pool, a racecourse, a nine-hole golf course, and a small airstrip. Explore the Adaminaby Snowy Scheme Museum and immerse yourself in the town’s rich history.

Adaminaby proudly presents an abundant and pure water supply from Lake Eucumbene. Enjoy the hospitality of a hotel, bakery, cafe, bowling club, supermarket, service station, petrol retailers, post office with banking facilities, Snowy Museum Op shop, fishing tackle shop, real estate agents, historical gallery, old churches, and over 100 century-old buildings. Explore the signposted ‘Heritage Town Walk’ past historic buildings and beautiful established gardens.

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Cultural Gem

Don’t miss the breathtaking 9×4 meter handcrafted stage curtains in the Adaminaby Hall. Created by the community over two and a half years, these curtains are a unique testament to Adaminaby’s artistic spirit.

Gateway to Snowies

Make Adaminaby the central hub for your Snowy Mountains tour. Situated on the excellent Snowy Mountains Highway, the town is highly regarded by motorcyclists for its well-maintained asphalt surface.

Weather Insights

Check the weather readings from the Adaminaby Weather Station, located beside Lake Eucumbene, providing indicative data for the varied terrain.

Explore Nearby Wonders

Centrally located, Adaminaby allows easy visits to Old Adaminaby, Cabramurra, Yarrangobilly Caves & Thermal Pool, Blue Waterhole, Cooleman Caves, Kiandra’s historic goldfield town, Selwyn Snowfields, Coolamine & Currango historic homesteads, Alpine Huts, Yaouk Valley, Snowy Mountains HydroElectricity Scheme, Snowy Scheme Museum, lakes, power stations, tunnels, and Snowy Hydro’s Discovery Centre. Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of the Snowies.